IT Services

Modern businesses need information technology for determining the competitiveness, economical and societal growth of the company. The accelerating advancements and swiftly changing scenario in IT, demands e-economy and build pressure to beat up the new challenges emerging every day.

Techgenomics” offer simple and strategic IT services to face these challenges and perform remarkably for the operational, technological and financial benefits for your organization.  No doubt IT services offered by us have a greater impact on all aspects of your business life and thus enabling to make it much easier.

“Techgenomics” is your ultimate solutions development partner in providing end to end process, from planning and development to support and enhancement. You will be served with application softwares, enterprise application development, streamlined operations, and helps to manage your real time inventory plus CRM.

IT Services Offered By “Techgenomics” Include-

  •  Enterprise/Web Solutions

Creating enterprise/web-based solutions, front-end enterprise portals, integrating smartphones into web solutions, handles hardware, web-servers, and applications across technologies.

  •  Data Management

We focus on providing subject-matter consultants and experts that handle BI/data warehousing, SAP, Oracle Solutions, data modeling, and facilitate in implementing projects.

  • Project Management

Utilizing expert methodologies, technologies, innovative design tools, we provide teams to meet the challenges of migrating, maintaining, re-engineering of applications, to meet the requirements in the best possible way.

  • Quality Assurance And Testing

Works and build quality in software from the start to end including, performance testing, functional testing, mobile testing, and specialized testing.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

Services such as data centers, desktop, storage, security, client-servers, contingency and manage work with speed, performance and flexibility.


Techgenomics” –innovative IT services provider in customized IT solutions and software development services without boundaries helps a large number of businesses go digital every day.  Since we are committed to hiring the best, our dedicated team of experts analyzes problems, research solutions, and perform actively to implement, test, deploy, maintain and enhance projects. We have served with quality IT solutions to customers of diverse industry verticals all over the North America.

In the nutshell, we can help you overcome inefficient processes, improve sales so that you can enjoy high returns and save money. With our flexible & consultative approach, customer centered attitudes, and finest talents we deliver customized solutions at a great speed and competitive cost.