Emerging Technologies

“Techgenomics” is a next generation digital transformation firm for the enterprises that are startups, small businesses, middle market, and Fortune 500 ranked companies. With our smart, integrated set of disruptive technologies, such as big data analytics, internet of things, enterprise mobility, cloud computing, security, unified communications, and more; we help your enterprise gain speed, control and insight of your future today.

“Techgenomics”helps build smart, connected and secured  enterprises by delivering a flawless customer experience, big business competence, actionable insight, industry’s prominent expertise, technical “know-how”  and  innovation. Here are the Emerging Technologies that are utilized at Techgenomics-

  • Big Data Consulting Services

24X7 support, preventative measures, expertise in handling wide arrays of technologies and platforms related to big data life cycle; comprehensive set of services and solutions, conceptually organization of data with analytical processes & methodologies, in order to accelerate the real time value of your business.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Services

With Internet Of Things services businesses connect data from billions of things; with powerful edge computing, and local sensor management, businesses can manage data and assets on the move; utilize internet at all points across the globe helps to solve real time problems.

  • Machine Learning Solutions

With advance machine to machine technology, businesses can streamline their processes, create end to end solutions, understand customer needs to optimize supply and vendor management; maximizes the business potential and opens the doors to new opportunities.

  • Cloud Application Services

Migrating and monitoring solutions, re-host applications to the cloud, public-private-hybrid cloud hosting, applications easily merged to cloud, and more; our partnership with leading cloud providers accelerate time to value for our clients.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Implementing mobility strategy for increasing focus on improving ROI, operational efficiency, and overall productivity; offering solutions with mobile servers, developing mobile applications, utilizing mobile point of sale for faster and smarter business.

With our ideal blend of technology expertise and immense capability to develop and enhance products help companies grow and leverage the most out of this next-generation technology. Our ability to integrate machine to machine solutions, creating the right solution for vertical industries, makes us your ideal partner for generating end to end solutions. Plus, our potential in introducing applications and services that change the way companies perform these days.