Media and Entertainment

Digitalization, multi-platform, cloud realization, consumerization of IT, massive technology disruption, and changing preferences of audiences due to the omnipresence of social media has brought several challenges for Technology & Media industry.  These emerging trends are forcing Media & Entertainment companies to re-imagine their business models. In addition, the increasing connection between organizations has led to data analysis and to extract actionable insights and embrace the modernization whilst focusing on building customer relationship.

Today consumers have a variety of entertainment options to choose from such as accessibility across multiple devices and a facility to interact with their favorite and famous artists, networks and brands.

Our well versed and highly professional team at ‘Techgenomics’ create cutting-edge digital products, methodologies & tools and services including migration to Cloud, DevOps, Agile development, Mobile engineering, Data engineering, Analytics and IOT engineering.

‘Techgenomics’ offer solutions that will lead to strike balance between media and entertainment ever-changing environment. Our professionals work closely with our clients through understanding of fundamentals and current business models. We build customized web-based solutions with an approach to successfully transit business model into a cohesive and functional web presence.

‘Techgenomics’ offers a wide-range of media and entertainment services:

  • State-of-art Social media Application development and Integration
  • Online advertising & Insight solutions
  • Usage of latest technologies including Cloud solutions and AWS services
  • Online Content Distribution Channels
  • Customize Mobile Applications
  • CRS, CMS, Entertainment Integration