Due to increased digitization and virtualization, the current manufacturing industry is facing a diverse range of challenges. To accomplish desired business outcomes, businesses in the manufacturing industry need to adopt and implement IT services and solutions that provide most enabling tools, interconnected products and processes. These manufacturing software solutions enhance business ability to achieve improved operational efficiency, better inventory management, launch innovative products and reduce manufacturing costs.

The industrial manufacturers require virtual product development, comprehensive supply chains and localized products. ‘Techgenomics’ is committed to help manufacturers harness technology to develop smart products, adapt new market operations, create new engineering collaboration platforms and redefine their manufacturing systems. Our IT solutions help them connect with end users through innovative developments and allow businesses to use service based business models and not just the pure product selling models.

‘Techgenomics’ offer tailor-made IT solutions and services that helps to tackle the changing demands of all different segments ranging from product development to supply chain management. These unique requirements help in gaining customer satisfaction, develop products that focus on various stages of manufacturing industries.

Our IT strategies are:

  • E-procurement, ERP to boost productivity
  • Streamline processes with Supply Chain Optimization
  • After Sales Services Management such as warranty
  • Managing Content such as regulatory compliance, product information and other rights
  • Customer and Dealer Management Systems and Portals