Logistic Services

In this fast paced business environment, the logistics industry is seeking new ways to streamline costs and enhance output. The logistics service provider companies are using mobile & cloud solutions to maximize logistics business performance and speed of each flow.  To act proactively in the fast-changing business situations the logistic services help businesses to address the challenges faced in manufacturing and logistics business, cost efficiency, transparency and business process optimizing.

Logistics services have come to the forefront due to increasing concerns for security, compliance and regulatory restrictions and due to increasing demand for the real time access to information, tracking and visibility of services.  This helps in making plans, implement and control efficient flow of goods and services so as to meet customers’ requirement.

‘Techgenomics’ act as a driving force in delivering logistic services to the world in redefining way.  We help logistic services companies to create their online presence and channelize their work because these services plays a crucial role in the planning and execution of the movement of goods.  Our mission is to establish an online appearance through our unique strategies, design, navigation and closely organized calls-to-action.

‘Techgenomics’ will benefit you with:

  • Asset tracking and visibility solutions
  • Integrated systems- leveraging technologies RFID, bar code, automatic ID tracking
  • Analytics & Real Time Support System
  • Material Management and Planning
  • Enhanced operations, improved asset life cycle costs, enhanced revenue and profitability