The insurance industry has been redefining itself globally to overcome its biggest challenges of rising operational costs, reducing demand and continuous losses. The insurance industry has completely changed the way it accesses its larger volumes of data, create better relationships with their customers with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Insurance companies leverage latest technologies such as drones, Big Data & Analytics to process claims, enhance risk management, and streamline overall insurance operations.  With these new intelligent IT solutions, insurers are providing a holistic pre-purchase & purchase information, overcoming regulatory reforms, managing complex portfolios and staying competent.

Techgenomics’ is committed to provide new business models to renew the customer experience in the Insurance industry by applying following steps:

  • Digital Transformation-to create more visibility, transparency, and agility across all the Insurance value chain, including intermediaries, carriers, reinsurers, regulators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).
  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics- helps insurers use big data technologies to gain insights into risk-profiling of customers and offer tailored products.
  • Technology Modernization – helps in modernizing the legal systems to improve IT operational efficiency.
  • Automation- automating the back-end processes so as to save time and costs
  • Others- customer experience management, speed-to-market, distribution effectiveness and claims optimization

We help insurers solve complex business problems through our customized IT services to achieve underwriting profitability, faster claims management and remediation solutions.