Health Care Services

Healthcare industry today is facing unparalleled challenges in providing top quality patient care, handling striking change in business processes and investment techniques. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology, healthcare providers are finding it difficult to match up with growing and diverse phase of competition, regularly changing clinical demands, emerging of new models and their utilization, constant evolution in financial compensation. To overcome these challenges and mark the success, the industry requires efficient clinical, financial and administrative systems that can smoothly exchange information through various channels.

“Techgenomics” helps healthcare organizations with ingenious techniques to enhance quality medical care, and implement digital solutions for excellent navigation through evolving healthcare landscape. We provide business optimization solutions and develop healthcare services such as- supporting clinical efforts by allowing access from various locations, well informed patient’s medical history, facilitated interventions, updating clinical information, improved interactions with patients, physicians, administrators and partners. For ultimate patient satisfaction, amplified revenue with low operational overhead cost, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with our potential clientele. We believe in designing the most innovative and creative solutions to create balance between the patient’s demands and the quality services.

The healthcare IT consulting service team at “Techgenomics” work in collaboration with clients in delivering customized healthcare products that best suits them. Our solutions are flexible yet robust that can easily handle large monolithic data processing, real-time processing with leading edge distributed systems. Our emphasis is on improved productivity, on-time deliverables, effective operational performance that suits workflows and operational goals.


Data Integration

The ever-changing healthcare integration environment faces the problem of integrating heterogeneous clinical data sources across multiple organizations. “Techngenomics” understand that the disparate healthcare applications must connect and accommodate the unique needs of each (Electronic Health Records) EHR interface for an excellent flow of information. We have an immense pool of HL7/IHE certified professionals who handle a complexity in a confident and productive manner.

The clinical data can be widely-used, standard compliant, product based, and highly customized, our team of experts can handle varied clinical data sources by designing an interface that hosts reusable, modular drivers to address this problem. With ingenious integration solutions we can allow a unified architecture to effectively address the integration challenges with reuse and manageability. We have continued to deliver support and enhancement in data integration by implementing robust interfaces within a tight time schedule with minimal resources.

Our interface helps leading healthcare providers with powerful data integration solution. We help healthcare organizations to improve their patients care, reduce operational costs, and streamline operations effectively. The services include- implementation and evaluation of HIE (Health Information Exchange) strategy, assessing the infrastructure, implementing road maps, aggregation of voluminous data and migrating effectively.  We offer technology services for data integration include-

  • Development of customized EHR integration interface compliance with HL7
  • Development of tools and customization
  • Product development stages followed by QA testing and maintenance services
  • An architecture that hosts reusable, modular drivers
  • Services to implement HIE (Health Information Exchanges) product


Business Process Solutions

Creating a competitive healthcare environment, reducing costs of care and operations is a challenge with the new healthcare regulations. For an improved and efficient process, businesses need to understand the activities involved in the process, inputs and outputs, roles, monitoring system and manage growth with end-to-end results. The healthcare organization requires high quality care for patient and physician satisfaction, excellent clinical outcomes, powerful real-time customer responsiveness, effective performance measurement, and regulation compliance system.

‘Techgenomics’ offer proven healthcare solutions and services that allow business process to deliver cost competitive value. Techgenomics is committed to deliver paramount tools, services, and customized solution that emphasise on increasing revenue, productivity and decrease costs. We can design and implement powerful tool to benefit organizational processes as well as patients itself. Our services include: managing revenue cycle, patient access management, ICD-9/ICD-10 medical coding; system integration, testing, and accelerators for projects; 3D imaging reconstruction that is complaint with HIPAA; EMR clinical and IT Helpdesk.

We also provide a process that work across all systems like accounting, human resources and working systems, which meet regulatory requirements and provide ease of auditing too. Our business process solutions will enable healthcare organization to analyse data in real time, more visibility and efficient planning. The organization can identify, remove and further update information or improve performance for unused resources.

Our business process solutions are beneficial for patients, administrative staff, and partners of healthcare providers or healthcare organizations by automating key business practices. These benefits include:

  • Increased patient care and focus with reduced administrative work
  • Hike in staff productivity whilst concentrating more on high valued work load
  • Improved organizational efficiency by driving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Verifying processes for accuracy and lesser human errors
  • Identifying areas of concern by higher process visibility
  • Providing easy access to claims, ICD, clinical review of claims, licensed agents, etc.



Healthcare Analytics

The revolution in both data and technology force the healthcare providers to review their data and health plans in a new and innovative way. The healthcare is widely affected by the world class platforms of data collection, data sharing and data analytics. Both the data sharing and data collection cannot independently provide the quality healthcare; the big data analytics are the necessity of current healthcare system. A successful analytics is a framework that has the ability to drive quality data improvements in the business and systematic sequencing of elements to support upper levels.

The healthcare requires analytics capabilities that promise to transform healthcare business into truly data driven culture. With healthcare business analytics models, ‘Techgenomics’ provide capability to the organizations to use their data effectively for high quality care, conduct research, increasing productivity and satisfying regulatory requirements. We help in implementing a true centralized data environment by creating a balance between the business procedures, clinical practices, and enabling right technology. With this healthcare analytic platform, organizations can work on- data acquisition, data integration, data modelling, metadata management, and collaboration.

Our Healthcare Analytics group designs, delivers and operates advanced healthcare analytic models to help our payor and provider clients. Our group is focused on specific analytic domains. Each domain relies on a multi-disciplinary team composed of analytics consultants, advanced analytics experts, predictive modelers, technology professionals and big data specialists.

Techgenomics offer services to provide game-changing big data health intelligence solutions. We can help organizations to discover business insights and manage cost with real-time data. We offer services to healthcare providers: to define big data strategy and roadmap; develop business case studies with ROI model; define and implement data technology architecture. The benefits include:

  • Developing enterprise road maps for world class data background
  • Focused analytical applications for quick return on investment
  • Keeping strategic mistakes and management in place
  • Standardizing the system by performing migrations for consistency
  • Creating master patient indexes, physician master, diagnosis codes and procedures.


Healthcare ERP Implementation Services

The healthcare industry seamlessly working hard to maximize profits, optimizes its operational activities, and achieve healthcare continuum. For this purpose it is crucial to improve the competency of organizational back-end functions such as supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, human resources, financial management and billing. This is achievable through successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation services. However, when it comes to ERP services in healthcare, the organizations neglect these due to cost factors and rather invest on EHR (electronic health records).

Now that healthcare providers have been forced to improve the patient care to beat competition in the market place, ERP system has become the foremost necessity of every growing healthcare business. ‘Techgenomics’ offer dedicated ERP practice that focuses on ERP package implementation services. The business process solution and ERP package configure to deliver targeted results by performance driven key operations.

Our highly experienced team of experts have extensive knowledge in domain consultancy handling supply chain, human resources, revenue cycle, patient relationship, business operational process optimization.  The ERP package is coupled with the value to identify areas of concern of enhancement and unrealized cost potential. Our ERP implementation process focuses on changing the managerial activities towards ensuring end-user adoption.

We offer best methodologies related to ERP implementation services such as- Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.  We provide radio frequency identification RFID to the healthcare providers for ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration, and preconfigured solutions, accelerators in specific areas. These solutions can be leveraged by clients to enhance back-end operations.

Additional Healthcare Services

Techngenomics also offer a set of core solutions and additional healthcare services to enhance quality health care. Our strong belief that healthcare domain can be understood well by healthcare professionals. Therefore, we assign a team of clinical and medical experts and specialists to create innovative products for healthcare providers. We offer services include:

  • Creating user Interactive Designing upon which the health program can flourish
  • offering Mobile Heath and Telehealth for convenient and cost-effective communications
  • Use of Social Media Platforms and Techniques to connect and interact with unparalleled speed
  • Creating Feedback Loop on Collaborative Technology investment for higher profitability, operational efficiency, customer and satisfaction.
  • Remote monitoring and use of personal devices for effective wellness and chronic care
  • A nurse care app and services to provide health coaching and post-discharge follow-up, preventive health service reminders