Finance and Banking

Today’s volatile economic environment demands strong analytics, sound and stable infrastructure, and excellent user experience in creating next generation banking and financial industry.

Whether banking and financial institutes need to get synchronized with the evolving business landscape, risks in multi-channel distribution, improve operational efficiency, changing spheres of technological tendencies, transforming digital marketing styles to meet hi-tech customer demands, or dealing with complex regulatory reforms, “Techgenomics” offer core banking and finance solutions that help in redefining exclusive future financial demands of banking and finance industry.

The financial institutions have never been under such a tremendous pressure of re-positioning themselves to drive profit and build loyalty. Therefore, this sector requires more tailored and web-based solutions that help them streamline their business processes, improve their inherent operational efficiencies, and minimizing their operational costs. We fulfill banking sector demands by offering best IT architecture and productivity models. This helps banks to strengthen their front and back office, focus on newer distribution strategies and ultimately improve profitability.

We deliver consistent, accurate and operative banking solutions to balance growth and profitability in such a competitive and dynamic marketplace. “Techgenomics” has spent notable years of involvement in transforming businesses in the banking sector with digital strategies and data driven insights.

“Techgenomics” aims at providing banking applications while enabling a strategic approach to help banks reduce risks resulting from multiple data entries, avoid potential disruption due to replacement of existing system, increased management approval, and ensures strong integration of a module or a component based solutions.

Our turnkey financial services solutions include-

  • Asset & Wealth Management

We have in-depth understanding of evolving capital markets, the upcoming trends and the need for end-to-end solutions for this specific field. Therefore, we offer services and solutions that accelerate the investment lifecycle. Our key focus areas are- advisory management services, trade order management, risk management, portfolio management, performance measurement, investment & partnership accounting, sales & marketing.

  • Automated Consumer Lending Services

Our expertise lies in creating and reinventing the solutions allowing our clients to manage change in volumes in loaning market trends, demographic trends. We offer comprehensive framework that assures integrity and improved technological solutions & services in mortgaging, auto and lending. Our focus areas are- residential & commercial mortgage, cash management, property evaluation, risk analytics and scoring.

  • Cards & Payment Management

The changing scenario of finance industry requires corporate banks and financial institutes to provide consistent card services, meeting customer needs, and aims at growing customers through self-service and cost management techniques. We have helped global banks and leading financial institutions by delivering modern and innovative models that pull insights from data to engage with their customers and users. The focus areas are- complex alternative channel, card processing, customer analytics, merchant acquisition, reducing frauds in card acquisition, API management, on-board customer services.

  • Risk & Compliance

With our deep domain knowledge regarding risk and compliance helps us to meet the regulatory mandates and risk management related challenges. We have successfully delivered a broad range of services and solutions across organizations to improve goodwill, regain trust of financial market, regulators, and their customers. Our focus areas are- risk data aggregation, regulatory reporting, regulators, financial crimes, etc.

  • Investment Banking

Techgenomics helps you find innovative techniques to prevent any regulatory pressures by reducing costs in investment banking operations. With the help of our team of expert advisor, analysts, and technical specialists, we help you achieve your strategic goals and ease the complexity in the investment banking field.  Our focus areas are- client connectivity, client & order management, research & comparison, trade execution, reconciliation, market & credit management, exchange gateways, advance data management, etc.

  • Retail & Commercial Banking

With a mission to improve agility and optimize the alignment to business with IT infrastructure, our professional team works hard to offer retail banking services and solutions through extensive business process and domain expertise. We help our clients achieve hike in revenue, improved lead conversions, reduced costs, and better profit margins. From one-to-one customer service to the collections, we are committed to provide consistent financial products, innovative digital solutions and more. Our focus areas are- core banking, branch banking, online banking, credit risk management, commercial servicing, etc.

  • Consulting, IT Services

Our full range of technical support, skills & competence allow us to provide trusted advisory in regards to creating plans, designs and organizational IT strategies, and  to extract maximum value from their IT investments.  Offering IT and consulting services and solutions for turning organizations into profitable opportunities. The focus areas are- web portals, mobile applications, digital transformation, enterprise architecture, cloud computing, social analytics, quality assurance, innovative IT solutions, data integration & reporting tools, reporting of settlement & securities, accounting products, transaction lifecycle tools, etc.

“Techngenomics” offer proven methodologies and proven expertise in transforming the operations of global financial corporations such as managing corporation risks, check regulation compliance, enhancing product features, achieving highest cost optimization, improving revenue, and ultimately enhancing comprehensive financial capabilities.

Furthermore, we help multinational banks, capital market firms, and wealth management forms to create-

  • Complete connected global market with reduced complexity in operations
  • Simplifying digital journey
  • Keeping pace with the evolving demands of customers
  • Fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Latest digital transformation technology
  • Easy mobile accessibility

Contact our team to learn how to turn banking corporations into the next generation financial corporations.