Technological advancements have transformed the way of education, its learning practices and has allowed us to move beyond the traditional roles. The digital transformation has not only made education smarter, interesting and convenient, but also created a huge demand for distance learning. The use of technology in this sector is helping us to inspire learning and increase its reach through e-books, e-learning or virtual classes and many other different types of digital media needed for educational purposes.

The digitization in the education sector is now looking at continuing its growth at a faster pace by providing greater interactive content, and personalized e-learning. ‘Techgenomics’ is developing and providing IT technology services and customized solutions so as to address the specific requirements of this emerging market and growing education. Our educational practices team up with schools, research institutions, universities, and companies to meet learning objectives faster, easier and effectively.

Techgenomics’ focus on developing a variety of easy-to-use bespoke learning solutions that combine interactive displays with robust software solutions for knowledge sharing at a larger scale. Our goal is to deliver learning portals, higher education software, performance management platforms, scalable services and analytics required by educational institutes to manage their day-to-day campus business and teaching procedures.

We help global educational institutes develop students’ skills to succeed in the real world.

Our Offerings:

We realize that the education sector needs best talent, to explore different modes of learning, streamline education network at university level, make it affordable & accessible for ensuring  overall personality development, enhance student outcomes and employability. Therefore, Techgenomics play a central role in providing IT solutions and services and act as the most important enabler.

Our customized and feasible solutions consist of:

  • Custom Education Application Development
  • E-Learning Solutions, including Data Center Planning & Implementation
  • Maintenance and Management Of Education Application
  • Packaged Education Application Services
  • Mobile Learning Solutions Development
  • Content Management Solutions & Consulting Services
  • Manage Compliance And Regulatory Obligations
  • Course & Training Material Development for Live online instructor-led training sessions.
  • Third Party Integration For Testing and Certification.

We are also determined to offer solutions that will help educational institutions transform the educational experience for K-12 & Higher-Ed students globally with e-learning tools, effective institute administration, identity management and information related to network privacy & cyber security.

Techgenomics provides the next-generation collaborative online learning environment for K-12 & Higher-Ed institutions, virtual classroom enhanced with mobile and social technologies, empowering world-class learning, collaboration, talent development and course management.