Aerospace and Defence

The Aerospace manufacturers, Defense integrators and Space technology companies are facing several challenges due to globalization, financial limitations and complexity in information management. The A&D industry is also experiencing the problems of long product life cycles and regulatory compliance. To overcome these challenges, they globally need to manage systems and instrumentation integration to bring specialized skills, business and functional knowledge.

Furthermore, Aerospace and Defense industry need improvement in safety, security, controlling costs and obsolescence through technological advancements, material sciences and data exploitation. ‘Techngenomics’ have helped these companies address the challenges of changing landscapes, boost their outlook and improve their operational performance

‘Techgenomics’ work with aerospace and defense companies to help them transform, digitize and optimize the operations to meet these challenges.  We help these companies generate changes to enterprise systems by developing solutions, AI & Analytics, DevOps, develop new business models with IoT, ecosystems that will drive rapid changes.

We deliver performance through innovative solutions for the defense segment to overcome the shortages of higher-end engineering talent. With our extensive network, domain expertise in Aerospace and overall business process, we provide quality work and lower costs.

Our services and support for the commercial, scientific and tactical operations include:

  • Support throughout the product life cycle, including R&D, design, software, electronic hardware & mechanical engineering
  • System assembly, certification & testing
  • Support in reducing solution costs, development cycles by using the principles and solution accelerators
  • Get additional revenue through MRO service