As a leading IT service provider in North America, we have produced dozens of successful stories in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services. “Techgenomics” is a pioneer in the world of information technology by any measure offering IT services, consulting services, technology solutions to partner with their clients’ strongly so as to completely transform their business into a profitable one.

The company executive’s 60 years of combined experience in the making of the world’s leading professional firm, through its extensively innovative strategy, breakthrough solutions and operations capabilities. With our comprehensive industry expertise, years of experience and a deep-set of commitment we have attained the highest level when it comes to certainty and satisfaction.

We have proudly facilitated clients all over the world and earn a striking reputation for doing things right the first time. We have helped enterprises to stay ahead of the competition and outperform with an innovative edge to generate value in the market. By offering strategic insights in advance, we have managed many firms to earn a thriving status in this tough and changing world.

The consulting services, IT services and Emerging technologies that include- operational leadership, co-creation of ideas & solutions in relation to mobility, longer sustainability, arrangement of big data and cloud computing are the areas we work in.

The Service Areas We Are Expertise In-

  • Deliver advanced support services to our teaming and alliances organizations.
  • Offer System Integration service by acting as a subcontracting partner in providing specific expertise in delivering such larger systems development with ease.
  • Allows professional services firms to enhance their profitability by leveraging our resources, technology and industry experience.
  • Offer IT staffing services, and  world-class recruiting capabilities which help businesses increase sales by 20% to 30%.

We create a perfect balance between IT project consulting and IT support services while working under a preferable budgetary limits to meet your technical needs.  We work within your system to minimize risk, improve interaction, utilize cost effective solutions, maximize your ROI & productivity, improve reliability in terms of computing infrastructure.

With the experience in delivering on time, with reduced time cycle of project planning, implementing, documenting and offering supporting systems, machine learning solutions, web solutions and more, we have just about everything that you need to move your business ahead. We rapidly deliver cost effective resources and technical expertise in the form of staff augmentation and fixed based solutions.